Tanlap Chows

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Tanlap Chows
Tanlap Chows

Dog - Born 24th September 1985 - HD 3:4
Own. Mrs Lisa Gregory

Sire : Ch Treble Chance at Tanlap
Dam : Tanlap Trishna

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Bitch - Born 27th January 1987

Sire : Ch Tanlap Tristar
Dam : Kelly at the Dingle of Trevila

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Dog - Born 28th October 2002
HD 4:22

Sire : Ch Jowtrix Black Jack of Senhi JW
Dam : Tanlap Tru Tease

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Ch Tanlap Tombola at Zigtar piture courtesy of Isabella Milani (from Chow Chow Champions of Europe) ; Ch Tanlap Tapestry pictured by Sheila Jakeman ; Ch Tanlap Tuftytitan as a youngster (small) pictured by D Paton & big picture by Alan V Walker

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