Tanlap Chows

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Tanlap Chows
Tanlap Chows

Sheila and Dave have been happily chugging along at this breeding game and achieved a great amount of success.

The Genesis of Tanlap kennels

The owners, Sheila and David Jakeman, purchased their first Chow in the spring of 1966. It was a fawn male Perkychow Tiny Tim but their first show Chow was a black bitch Black Bettina of Chasaki born in September 1966. This bitch was to be the first of their Chows to breed for them with a first litter born in 1967. Having a partiality for blacks they would always try to concentrate on this colour and would keep them, alongside the reds.
Success did not happen quickly in the 1970's as competition was so much greater than it is today with puppy classes often containing twenty or more exhibits. At those early shows Sheila was making her way to them by travelling with Mrs Bennett (Perkychow) as David was working. The new (and very young) exhibitor enjoyed showing amongst the older more experienced showers who had plenty of chatting and discussion.

Tanlap Chows

Tanlap Chows

The first Tanlap bred Chows

Over the next few years the kennel started to develop. The Tanlap affix was registered in 1968 then Sheila and David purchased Jean of Adel when Miss Buckley passed away as well as a red bitch by the name of Baytor Starfire who was the dam of Red Tanya of Tanlap. So litters were bred and the first puppies run on. In 1971, Red Tanya produced Tanlap Temptress and Sheila and David bred a black puppy by a son of Jean out of Black Bettina who proved to be Tanlap Black Thunder their first main dog in the kennel. Then they kept on breeding, going along the path towards Hanoi with some "Ukwong Saul" mixed in.

 And that is how the success began...

In the late 60's and early 70's show wins did not come easily, the rings were mainly dominated by Ukwong, Minhow, Hanoi and Baytor and everyone else had to work hard to achieve top honours but Sheila and Dave's turn was to come in due course. At the time, Sheila was campaigning Black Thunder, who was a regular winner, and annexed 3 Res CC's at the time when Solomon was in his heyday and winning his record breaking 78 CC's. She had to wait a bit longer for a CC winner, and it was Thunder's daughter Ch Tanlap Tamanda out of Temptress who was to win their first CC at LKA in Olympia 1974, the judge that day being Mr Frank Watkinson (Minhow). She gained her title - and thus became the first Tanlap Champion - but like so many of the other Ch. bitches in the breed she did not breed on.

Success did not come only in the rings and the kennel went on gradually breeding and improving and Sheila did a certain amount of exporting to overseas countries where there was keen interest in the breed. A black litter sister to Tamanda was exported to France while the other named Tanlap Tressta was shipped in Norway. In 1975, one litter of four Sheila and David bred produced a Norwegian, a N.Z. and a Portuguese Ch. the other bitch - Tanlap Tamermina - was retained and only shown a few times as she did not enjoy the ring, but she gained anyway her Stud Book entry. Their dam was Temptress and the sire a little known son of Ukwong Zenith.
So where could they mate to improve their males - they consistently produced nice bitches - the males did not have quite enough. The decision was made to go and use Ch Hanoi Willie Wumkins, already a very successful sire. Tamermina was mated to WW and the litter contained one bitch, which was kept, and four males, decision time, this was finally made when they could delay no longer as the other 'possible' had to have his jabs before being exported to New Zealand so Tanlap Tristar was retained and Tanlap Typhoon went to N.Z. where he gained his title in due course.

Tanlap Chows

The influence of Ch Tanlap Tristar

Tristar proved to be one of the breeds more successful sires in recent years. His sister Tanlap Tinkabella was to have one litter, mated to Thunder she produced puppies which included a pale red owned by Miss and Mrs Brooks, later to become Ch Tanlap Tamjin of Michiko, the second Champion bred by Tanlap.

In 1982, Victor and Jacque Taylor (Taymith) used Tristar on their Ch Hanoi Tauna Dora and when Sheila and David went to see the ensuing litter, there was one little bitch that David offered 50p for, but Victor insisted it must be 1 - three weeks later at 8 weeks old Taymith Tia Dora was brought to Tanlap, needless to say they did pay proper price for her !! To say she was beautiful is an understatement, she was a fabulously coated puppy and made people look twice, success followed success and she was the only Chow so far who has been Best Puppy and BIS at the COTYS in successive years. She won her title at a youngish age and was a great favourite with many Chowists in the early 80's.

Shortly after her arrival at Tanlap the smooth black bitch that the Jakeman's had purchased from Ukwong had her first litter, there was only one  survivor, a black  rough  coated  bitch, she  was  kept  and

Tanlap Chows

soon after Tia Dora dropped her puppy coat Tanlap Twilight entered the ring and won a number of Best Puppy awards to keep the  Tanlap flag flying. She was to  drop puppy  coat  early and  was  kept  at  home


Sheila owned 7 champions and bred 7 champions, not all the same ones. She has exported stock to most countries and has champions in many of them. Two of her males have been particularly special as they were such superb studs and each produced over ten champions in this country for various owners, thus making her affix known worldwide. She had the distinction of having 4 resident champions all at one time, a red D & B and a black D & B.

while TD got her title and then both were shown together, if both won their classes Dave took Twilight into the challenge and on two occasions he won CC's with her, she won her third at LKA under Joe Braddon at 14 months of age.
Tanlap Chows
In 1983 Rodney and Pat Oldham (Towmena) had used Ch T Tristar at stud and from the resulting litter they had kept a pretty typy bitch while her litter  sister named  Towmena  Tis'Imagination went to Tanlap kennels.  Whilst concentrating

on the start's of Ch Fort Knox Here's the Tiger at Towmena's career the bitch the Oldham's kept had quietly grown up in the kennels and was well out of puppy when David and Sheila saw her on a Christmas visit and David suggested it was time they got her into the ring. On her debut at a Club open show she was Best Bitch in show and at her first Ch. show she won the CC from the Novice class !! The continuation of her Show Career is well-known, she was to become Ch Towmena Impudent Miss and broke the CC record for bitches in the breed (still unbeaten in 2008) winning a total of 40 CC's and 22 Res CC's from 1985 to 1990.

Tristar has proved to be a great stud as another mention could me made of some other interesting offspring such as Ch Wingwood Josh and of course of TD's siblings which were used some time after by the Jakeman's. Obviously Tristar did his way into Tanlap lines and Sheila began the 80's with, among others, Tis'Imagination and a black smooth bitch same way bred than Twilight. The black smooth produced a smooth male the Jakeman's kept  while Tis  mated to

Tanlap Chows

a red Champion known as Ch Shoulao Sher-Gar gave a bitch named Tanlap Trulove and a red dog Tanlap Tropical who was exported to France. Tropical became a French Champion and is still found in a big number of french pedigrees some 20 years after his arrival in the country.

Another mention of Tristar's offspring must be made of a red dog bred by Brian Hennessey, called Tanlap Chamcroft Christmas Star, out of a Tanlap bitch. After staying in England for a short show/breeding career, Chris was exported to Denmark where he became a Champion and obviously used well.

Tanlap Chows

Treble Chance arriving at the Kennel

Fate plays a hand in the dog game though, and TD suffered a painful death after developing stomach ulcers which it was impossible to cure. Sheila, in particular was devastated, but because they had bitches in whelp the Jakeman's were encouraged to go on. Thus Tanlap history kept on going on.

In the late 70's, a dog born in the Ukwong kennel had had a meteoric career in the UK for American serviceman Stanley Williams but when Mr Williams returned to USA he exported Ch & Nord Ch Ukwong Texson of Taibel to Sweden to Mrs A. C. Ekengren, who already had a substantial amount of UK blood from Hanoi. Sheila and David were one of the few breeders who had used Texson before he went to Sweden and had a daughter of him, by the name of Tanlap Trudy. When Rodney Oldham told Sheila he had imported Ch Fort Knox Here's the Tiger at Towmena from Sweden Sheila has said he will be a mate for her Texson daughter, Trudy, and sure enough she was in whelp, she kept a dog from the resulting litter named Tanlap Trailblazer and also  had  hoped

Tanlap Chows

for a black suitable to keep from another bitch who was in whelp at the same time, but no black dogs were born.

Tanlap Chows

And that is how Chancer, as known as Ch Treble Chance at Tanlap arrived at the kennel. In conversation with Jacque Taylor, Sheila mentioned she was hoping for a black dog and Jacque told her about a litter in Birmingham sired by Willie son Ch Yueng Bimbo, so the Jakeman's went to see the litter and returned home with a black male who was born in 1984 on Sheila's birthday (fate again?). His dam was the full sister to Tia Dora. Named Treble Chance he also gained top honours and a total of 9 CC's, but it is as a sire he will be best remembered with ten champions in the UK to his credits to date. His influence is still commented upon by many, some twenty years later.

The influence of Ch Treble Chance at Tanlap

Tristar getting old, he had to retire and see his offspring enjoying its young days, among these youngsters the one and only "Chancer", the rising star of the kennel. If you start to think and talk about Tanlap influence, then this dog is probably the main example as he was one of the greatest english stud. A lot of his puppies became great winners in the UK. In the middle of the 80's, a red bitch called Ch Chamcroft Christmas Holly was Impudent Miss main competition and notched up almost as many top awards. This bitch was a Chancer daughter (same dam than Tanlap Chamcroft Christmas Star) so once again Tanlap did it ! Treble Chance has not only sired 10 Champions and lots of other regular show winners but also very influential dogs in the UK, such as Ch Miketilla Makata, Chow of the year Show winner '92 and '93, GB Top winning dog in '91, CC Dog at Crufts '91 and Top Utility Stud dog in '93 and '94. Makata was mated to a Tristar's daughter bred/owned by Ian Shaw so the litter went back to Tanlap breeding, especially Tristar. The Cruft's '97 BOB Ch Chowsan Made to Measure for Miketilla and another quite famous dog Ch Chowsan the Charmer at Miketilla arose from that combination.

Tanlap Chows

Obviously Chancer was used on Tanlap bitches as well. Ch Tanlap Tombola at Zigtar was one more Champion bred by the Jakeman's, thus adding one more champion to Chancer's credit. Treble Chance is found also in plenty of overseas pedigrees via Tanlap Top Hat sent in France and especially Tanlap Thriller sent in the Netherlands. Thriller sired an interesting number of champions in Europe, among them Int Be Dut Fr Germ (Club+VDH) It Lu Ch Radja van Mansjoerije in Belgium. In the end of the 80's Chancer was mated to Trulove, a grand daughter of the old man Tristar. The Jakeman's kept a bitch by the name of Tanlap Tru Passion and they finished the 80's with two more wins as this bitch won best puppy at the Chow Chow Club of Wales Open show '89 and they managed to turned one of their bitches into a Champion, another Tristar daughter, Ch Tanlap Tapestry.


Tanlap Creams and Smooths

Although both Sheila and David have always had a preference for blacks, creams were regularly bred at Tanlap from the 80's and Tanlap Thistledown (Minhow Master Role x Tanlap Trishna) was the very first cream to be bred at Tanlap. Born in 1984, she was exported to in Australia.
By purchasing Ukwong Black Sable of Tanlap, dam of the well-known Twilight, Sheila and David were introduced to smooths as well. With Tanlap the Slicker born in 1986 they managed to produce smooth with Tristar influence as he had Tristar twice in his pedigree. Then decision was made to put the Slicker on one of his half sister, Trulove. The litter produced a cream - Tanlap Trifle Topping - who was kept at home, a smooth cream sent to the famous Mi-Pao kennels, becoming there a champion and one of the cream basis of the famous Mi-Pao creams.

Tanlap Chows

The Jakeman's involvement in the Breed

Let's do a little break in the chronological history to talk about the Jakeman's involvement in the breed. Soon after breeding her first litter, Sheila had her first judging appointments and she has officiated regularly eversince, in both UK and overseas. Alongside the showing and judging comes administration and Sheila has been a member of her local canine society committee for more years than she can remember and until recently was chairman.
She became a council member and has recently relinquished the Treasurers role and been elected Chairman of the British Utility Breeds Assoc. Since 1995 she has also been secretary of the West of England Ladies Kennel Society, so taking on what is almost a full time position, as they organise the WELKS championship show at the end of April each year. Although these tasks request most of her time she has never hesitated to help when help was needed and would turn her hand to any task if required.

From the start of her Chow life, Sheila has also always been involved in the affair of The Chow Chow Club, which is the parent Club of the breed in UK. She is a committee member for now more than thirty years. Having started as a Trophy Steward for many years before becoming Vice Chairman and then Chairman approximately ten years ago. With her depth of experience both as a breeder and exhibitor and also in Committee work, both at Breed Club and General Society level, she endeavours to lead The Chow Chow Club in the right direction, always with the benefit of the Chow Chow foremost in her mind. Sheila is not the only one to be involved in the affair of the Club as David has also been elected Vice President and together with Sheila, they are honorary life member of the committee.

And by the way, what about David ? He has never had a chow registered in his name at the Kennel Club but has been closely involved in the development of the Tanlap Kennels since he and Sheila bought their first one. He observes quietly from the ringside at shows and then when they need to think of a stud to use or where to buy a new puppy his input is never ignored, not only by Sheila, but by many others in the breed who take his opinions seriously. Approved by the Kennel Club to award CC's for the first time in 1985 he has officiated several times in this capacity and has also judged the COTYS in 1989.

The evolution of the breeding stock in the 90's

This bring us up to the beginning of the 90's and the introduction of a new red bitch to the kennel Daamschow Camellia at Tanlap while the good old WW blood was once again looked for by using a litter brother to Tia Dora named Taymith Tornado who had got 2 CC's to his credits. From the resulting litter Tanlap That'll Do was kept and his litter brother Tanlap That's Fine F'Minsimba was sent to Australia where he gained top honour and became Australian Champion.

Whilst judging Cruft's in 1994, Sheila was impressed by a red dog that she finally awarded Best of Breed. This dog was Ch Jowtrix Red Magnum - a grand son of Chancer - and he was mated to Passion with success to produce the star of the 90's Tanlap True Target. Target was used a lot by other people in the breed and from him Sheila kept Tanlap Twirl out of her smooth Slicker's daughter.

Tanlap Chows

In the meanwhile, Camellia was mated to a black dog called Jodoka the Caller's Been to Zhukov and from the resulting litter Sheila and Dave kept a black bitch. One of the males, a black one, was to be used with some effect two years after and produced with Twirl another famous dog Tanlap Take That. Shown at Cruft's in 2000 he gained the first in Limit class under Anita Westlake's judging. He also won one CC and several Res CC's before being withdrawn from competing as he really disliked that. In Sheila's opinion, he is probably the unlucky influential red dog and thus he is more remembered today as a good stud.

In 1998 another special Chow should be mentionned. Sheila and Dave mated Camellia to Target and kept a red bitch by the name of Tanlap Tru Tease who would give them another great Chow in the 2000's.

The new millenium

Then it was time to celebrate the new millennium and some more than 30 years of success in the Chow breeding world. Looking back at what have been achieved Sheila and David were wondering if they would have another great Chow at home. While the old Twirl, Target and Passion were enjoying their retirement days Sheila tried to once again go to Magnum by using a new addition to the show ring named Jowtrix Black Jack of Senhi. Usually called Titan by his owners, he had Magnum three times in his three generation pedigree so such a line bred dog could a great stud or a disaster and thanks God he did extremely well at stud siring a cream male who proved to be the first Cream male to gain his Champion title for a great many years in the United Kingdom. Ch Tanlap Tuftytitan won his Junior Warrant quite easily so does he with his Ch. Title. Shortly after Tufty winning his Ch. Certificate his father Titan achieved this honour too, thus proving Sheila didn't make a mistake choosing him. In 2003 he was best puppy at the COTYS and the year after he was Best of Breed at Cruft's under Pat Oldham's judging which proved the kennel could still get one more thrill after all those wins. More recently, Tuftytitan did it again and won BOB at Cruft's 2008 and this time even get a 3rd in Group ! 2008 was definitively his year as two weeks after this win he was awarded BIS at the COTYS.

Tanlap Chows

In the early new decade new youngsters were born at Tanlap. Tufty was not the only cream as he followed a bitch born the year before from the same dam. The bitch called Tanlap Tofu was another great winner for Tanlap, thus proving Teasa was a really good brood bitch. In 2003 the decision was made to mate her to a black import from Canada and from the resulting litter Sheila and Dave kept Tanlap Toyah who mated back to her grand sire Take That produced then Tanlap Top Ranka, one of the current member of the stud team in 2008. So now we are all wondering who's going to be the next star, aren't we?

Written in March 2008

Tanlap Chows

Perkychow Tiny Tim, Black Bettina of Chasaki, Taymith Tia Dora of Tanlap, Sheila with the dogs, Ch Treble Chance at Tanlap, Tanlap Trailblazer pictured by Sheila Jakeman ; Ch Chamcroft Christmas Holly pictured by Denis A Lewis ; Chinese Chow Chow Club Show Winners pictured by Huw Bowen Phillips ; '89 puppies and Dan Ch Tanlap Chamcroft Christmas Star pictured by Michael Stagebo ; Ch Tanlap Tuftytitan pictured by Alan V Walker

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