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Tanlap Chows

Whilst talking to Jacque Taylor (Taymith) Sheila was told about a litter of blacks from Tia Dora's litter sister, sired by a W.W. son, there was one black male available so off the pair went to have a look, David commenting at the time, hopefully the dog will have more head than his father ! Well he had, and so this dog came home with them. At that time pups could be registered without names so they got to choose his name. He had Ch. W.W. three times in the third generation of his pedigree and Sheila said flippantly he could be called Treble Chance. This stuck and he too became a Champion in a fairly short time. Such a line bred male could be a great stud or a disaster, thank goodness with a 0:0 hip score and great temperament he fitted into the great category siring ten champions in this country and several overseas too. His influence is still commented upon by many, some twenty years later.

Ch Tanlap Tristar

                                   Tanlap Tearaway
                                          Towmena Tis'Imagination at Tanlap

                                                                   Tanlap Threadbare
     Tick Tock
                                                                   Tanlap Tidy Target
Taymith                Taymith
Tornado               Cassandra
                                                                   Tanlap the Slicker

                       Ch Treble
                       at Tanlap
                                                    Fr Ch Tanlap Tropical
                                                Tanlap Trulove
        Ch Tanlap
        at Zigtar           Tanlap Thriller

                                                    Tanlap Trifle Topping

        Tanlap Tru Passion

                                          Towmena the Stripper at Tanlap
Tanlap That'll Do

Ch Treble Chance at Tanlap pictured by Sheila Jakeman

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