Tanlap Chows

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Tanlap Chows
Tanlap Chows

  Tanlap Tru Passion

                           Aust Ch Tanlap That's Fine F'Minsimba
                        Tanlap That'll Do

                                     Towmena the Stripper at Tanlap
Tuff Cookie
                                     S Ch Tanlap Trimson

Uanme Odin at Fooming

Tanlap True Target

                          Tanlap Trumpcard

                          Tanlap Twirl
Turvey                Tanlap Take That

         Tanlap Tru Tease

                                                                              Camellia's Offspring
      '96 (x Jodoka the Caller's Been to Zhukov) = T Tuxedo & T Topsey

      '97 (x Uanme Odin at Fooming) = Tanlap Trumpcard

                '98 (x Tanlap True Target) = Tanlap Tru Tease

All pictures above pictured by Sheila Jakeman

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